Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the LRC blog
  • The keepers of the flame are upset about opera being shown in movie theaters. If you can’t afford $150 a ticket, you don’t deserve opera! Movie-theater opera is a free-market way to save opera. And when opera lovers can spare the money for a live performance, there’s no doubt they (I) will still opt for the live performance. As a friend of the blog has said, he hates the way high culture is usually presented in America.
  • Last week I wrote that God had spoken on the “Stimulus,” and He was all for it, at least according to the “prophet” Jim Wallis. Well, this week we find out that it was the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that has been channeling God (or maybe advising God). Here is something that confuses me. Wallis always rails against consumption (or “consumerism,” as he calls it), yet here is a bill that borrows a trillion dollars, all of it to be spent on consumption goods. I hate to tell this to Wallis, but some of the money might even be spent at... Wal-Mart. One would think this fact alone would cause him to denounce this giveaway.

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