Monday, February 23, 2009

From Philadelphia Weekly
  • So your local newspapers have gone bankrupt. My parent company has done, just now, just like the local big-city daily-paper company not long after. But I’m not panicking. There’ll always be demand for our kind of paper. I understand pay-websites don’t work; what makes money is having adverts on a page that gets lots of hits (impressions).
  • A well-off pregnant teen tells her story. Rather like Bristol Palin. She does the right thing and doesn’t kill her daughter, her feckless boyfriend notwithstanding (an 18-year-old who works at Neato Burrito hasn’t earned the privilege of having sex). Grace, nature and common sense trump pro-abort conditioning (which she still gives lip service to — hard to unlearn all that indoctrination and class loyalty). All I can add to this fine girl’s story is what what Rod Dreher said (more).
  • We’ve all heard the cliché that sitcom characters are doomed to learn valuable life lessons only to forget them a week later. (They’re a lot like Technicolor goldfish.) Cousin Balki will never assimilate into America. Steve Urkel will never be cool. Sitcom characters don’t change and they don’t grow. The same goes for characters in procedural dramas like House. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are never going to put Dr. Gregory House back together again. No miracle or near-death experience will do the trick. No matter how much long-suffering oncologist Wilson suffers, he’ll always come back. Hot Chief of Hospital Administration Cuddy will always be groped. Foreman, a neurologist played by Omar Epps, will always be dull. The diagnosis will never, ever be lupus. But above all, Dr. House will always be a dick. The show hinges on it. His reformation — no matter how much we think we want it — would result in the series’ cancellation.

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