Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It can’t be repeated too often (until it sinks in)
Chronicles curmudgeon Clyde Wilson:
The purpose of Political Correctness is to suppress true ideas. Its proponents have no interest in suppressing falsehood.

You cannot have a First World economy and military with a Third World population.

The Republican Party is not and never has been a conservative party. (For most of American history, until less than a century ago, the Democratic Party was the conservative party.)

The Republican Party has been responsible for very few acts of constructive statesmanship during its entire history. Its main activity has been to provide patronage for rich people and ambitious politicians. Most of its voters have been people with no political principles and no accurate sense of their own interests who have craved to be seen as respectable.

Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, led many to believe that some principles might be injected into the Republican Party, but his effort was over before it began.

The main problem with free enterprise is that it is impossible to get Big Business to practice it.

Abe Lincoln was no saint, and his war was not a righteous crusade for freedom and government of the people.

America is not a democracy. It is a plutocracy (government of the rich) with elements of kleptocracy, imperialism, executive dictatorship, and judicial oligarchy.

The Constitution is not our governing document. Its essential features ceased to be binding, relevant, or even recognised long ago.

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