Monday, February 16, 2009

Mark Shea on Gitmo
Remember the bullsh*t faux patriotism of the pro-torture cowards on the Rubber Hose Right who tried to claim that opposition to torture constituted “contempt for the troops”? (I still get hate mail from these clowns.)

The real contempt for our troops was demonstrated by men like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Yoo, who
forced them into the position of doing things their own training told them was wrong. That meant you either got traumatized guys like this private, or else creeps like Graner who loved their work. Either way, when they carried out the policy and got caught, who do you think suffered for it? Not the people who ordered the policy.

And then there is the proud legacy of “rape by instrumentality” as an official policy of the Bush White House. I remember, under Clinton, when rape was a
bad thing. But the Bushies (with the dogged and determined support and excuse-making, nuance, and finessing of ever so many Faithful Conservative Catholics right here in the blogosphere) inaugurated a Whole New America.

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