Monday, February 16, 2009

Paul Fussell’s Class 25 years on
And might the depression bring SWPL back to reality? Good points from Sandra Tsing Loh via Rod Dreher but as Charley has pointed out to me when I praise that book, and I tend to agree, the bohemianish X-class described by Fussell hasn’t really opted out of the game. Can one? I don’t mean snobbery (which they obviously haven’t dropped and which of course is wrong) but though all are equally dear in the sight of God obviously everybody’s not the same and yes, some things and even cultures are better than others. Charley points out that the Xes are only slumming upper-middles (dressing down because you can without losing face, actually a show of power) including people who’ve become that. IOW SWPL really.

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