Friday, February 13, 2009

Rod Dreher’s take on tolerant conservatism
Which goes beyond homosexuality to the majority. To give the other side credit the man has a judgemental streak. (Not a sin peculiar to Catholics and other cultural conservatives. Witness SWPL on ‘the wrong kind of white people’.) That said this is true.
The old America [like the best of the old Britain whence it got this] had a delicate sense of the difference between the general (“We disapprove”) and the particular (“Let’s go help her”). We had the moral self-confidence to sustain the paradox, to sustain the distance between “official” disapproval and “unofficial” succor. The old America would not have applauded the [young unwed mother] but some of its individuals would have helped her not only materially but with some measure of emotional support. We don’t so much anymore. For all our tolerance and talk we don’t show much love to what used to be called girls in trouble. As we’ve gotten more open-minded we’ve gotten more closed-hearted.

Message to society: What you applaud, you encourage. And: Watch out what you celebrate.
It seems normal to me that you would stigmatize having sex and having babies outside of marriage, while at the same time loving and trying to help those who have babies outside of marriage — help them to do the best they have with the situation they find themselves in. That’s life. Why does trying to do the latter mean you cannot insist on the former? You don’t help someone deal with the consequences of wrongdoing by pretending that they didn’t do wrong in the first place. To do otherwise is false compassion.

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