Monday, February 09, 2009

Some good Jewish humour
In his 1975 film Love and Death Woody Allen plays a conscript in the Tsar’s army, which is desperately fighting against the vastly superior forces of Napoleon.

In one scene Woody and a fellow soldier peer down on the horrors of the battlefield: dense smoke and the hideous cries of man and animal; French and Russian bodies, some still alive; twisted cannons and carriages; desolation and despair.

Woody’s friend, with broken voice, wails,
‘God is testing us!’

Woody, unflappable and whiney, responds, ‘Couldn’t he have made it a written?’

2008 was that sort of year: economic crash, wars, threats of wars, mad dollar-printing, police-state tactics, bailouts of the power élite, growth of the malignant DC, not to speak of all the blabbing criminal politicians.
LRC’s Burton Blumert

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