Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taki’s Paul Gottfried on l’affaire Williamson
The French fits here as this is all about that culture’s politics and nothing to do with Catholic doctrine or the reason Bishop Williamson was excommunicated (disobedience: being consecrated a bishop without Rome’s permission). The scope of the Holocaust is not de fide. So slapping this condition on Williamson’s regularisation as clergy (not his ‘return to the church’ — either that’s done or he never left!) isn’t on; ‘accommodating leftist tyranny’ indeed.
It was directed against those ultra-traditionalists who resisted the changes introduced by Vatican Two. Lefebvre and his followers repudiated the Church’s teachings, as proclaimed through Vatican Two, about the uses of vernacular liturgy and about certain alterations in the priest’s role in the Eucharist.
Common knowledge: those Nazi wackos who want to force everybody to speak Latin. Ha, ha, ha.

As Taki’s webmaster hasn’t the time any more to have comment threads here’s an answer:
  • V2 isn’t RC teaching, only some decisions on new ways to apply past teachings (which are irrevocable). IOW it’s not doctrine. Considering how things have turned out, one would be better off ignoring it as Jeff Culbreath has said. So Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory repudiated... nothing. Not a jot of RC doctrine.
  • It’s not about Latin. Actually at first Lefebvre was moderate on that, using the 1965 instructions for the Roman Missal which allow partial use of the vernacular (the readings for example). Most people thought that and some simplifications were the extent of the planned changes.
  • Alterations in the priest’s rôle in the Eucharist is closer to the heart of the matter (the Novus Ordo is an inferior product)...
  • But the real sticking-points are religious liberty and ecumenism, both of which rightly understood I believe in.
What for me, however, is the most galling aspect of this studied hysteria is the implicit assumption that only those mass murders committed by Nazis or “fascists” deserve to be condemned.
Mass murders committed by idealists of the left get a free pass; after all to make a perfect-world omelette you’ve got to break a few skulls eggs, right? So don’t let’s talk of Uncle Joe again.

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