Friday, March 27, 2009

The anti-Romanism of the left lives on
In other news sun rises in east. The Episcopalians on the Vatican:
Fresh off its failure to Google Holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson before welcoming him back into the Church, the Holy See is planning a pastoral instruction on the internet. Ruth Gledhill has details.
Those stupid people running the Roman Catholic Church are neo-Nazis who don’t even know how to use the Internet so they ought to shut up and let us, their betters, tell them what to do on everything.
Plus ça change...

I expect bad reporting on religion from the secular(ist) media but this is inexcusable from a religious house-organ let alone from a church that so prides itself on its level of education.

SSPX are hoping to buy a Church of England redundant church in Manchester.

Roll over, Harry Tudor, and tell Tom Cromwell the news.

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