Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Eastern church in the town where I work
Armenia (Hayastan) is the world’s oldest Christian country, beating the Roman Empire by a few years. The Armenian Apostolic Church is in the Oriental Orthodox communion (one of the Lesser Eastern Churches) not in the Orthodox communion. I’ve been to a service: it’s an Eastern liturgy in what looks like a nice Western Catholic church, with an altar curtain not an iconostasis. The monument with the unique Armenian cross (also on two of the doors) commemorates the 1915 genocide by the Turks. The link on Armenia tells about SS. Sahag (Isaac) and Mesrob. This marvellously eccentric building is not traditional Armenian architecture although the top of the tower is a nod to that; this began its life about 100 years ago as the mansion of the Quaker Clothiers who once owned a chain of department stores.

I confess with faith
By St Nerses Shnorhali

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