Friday, March 27, 2009

From Joshua
  • Obama the non-peace president: 17,400 more soldiers to Afghanistan and the non-withdrawal from Iraq. I listened to him when he was campaigning and thus stayed home.
  • Abortion and abolition. Taki’s John Zmirak on the problem that, on top of state opposition, the pro-life movement as constituted just doesn’t work (marching as a shibboleth of Catholic identity doesn’t actually stop abortion). Kick it back to the states as sensible conservatives like Ron Paul have been saying for years and work on converting people and changing the culture. Social conservatism must rely on decentralism, populism, anti-elitism, and a certain degree of healthy, pre-rational “prejudice” (in Edmund Burke, not Archie Bunker’s sense). We can’t turn the pro-life movement into a Kantian, ideological monstrosity.
  • Pat Buchanan at quit Nato. Why must the US be bogged down in it, and threaten Russia, because Churchill hated the Germans? (Lord Ismay: keeping the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down.)
  • Paul Craig Roberts, beyond right and left.
  • Röpke on inflation. The greater the inflationary pressure the stronger will be the counterpressure of the command economy needed to repress it. By the same token, the command economy must resort to ever more comprehensive and ruthless controls if it is to effectively contain the mounting forces of inflation.

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