Monday, March 23, 2009

From Stephen Hand
  • Has Bishop Richard Williamson been silenced for having an opinion on an historical question extraneous to the Catholic Faith? Yet Fr Hans Küng speaks? And so many who hold identical or similar views to Küng? What is this? How is this? Tell me what part of the Credo Bishop Williamson has denied. But Hans Küng who offends no rabbis has denied every single part of the Creed, and over decades formed a movement and following in that denial. And yet his Roman Collar lay in his closet any time he should choose to don it? And his Masses are lawful anytime he should wish to “celebrate” to an unknown god? What is all this? It is a time of shadows...
  • Imagine a “world government” where those whom you think you have elected serve them (the bankers who buy and sell your reps), those who have the nerve to assert they represent a whole new world now under construction! It is the greatest swindle ever concocted, the most vile tyranny ever imagined, and only poor idiots or complicitous players could accept such a Thing. It will nullify the individual who will be seen as one tiniest unit, a speck of dust, assigned a place in their Ant Colony! We must demand that our sovereign nations (which for the moment represent us in some residual degree) disengage from this ubiquitous beast, if we care for our nations, cultures, traditions. If we do not we will certainly deserve what is coming, if they have their way. They try to keep people diverted with Viagra, pornography, football, especially TV, while they they loot national treasuries, implode economies and construct their global Tower of Babel.
  • Dorothy Day: We advocate... decentralized society in contrast to the present bigness of government, industry, education, health care and agriculture. We encourage efforts such as family farms, rural and urban land trusts, worker ownership and management of small factories, homesteading projects, food, housing and other cooperatives — any effort in which money can once more become merely a medium of exchange, and human beings are no longer commodities.

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