Monday, April 27, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Fr Feeney revisited.
  • Clerical marriage.
  • A good Protestant. RIP Peter Toon.
  • Also from T1:9: mainline decline again. Specifically the Episcopalians. (Joseph Bottum has written the definitive piece on them and all the rest.) A few thoughts, fair game with no ad hominem or conservative Anglican cant. What if the ‘roots’ are neither Catholic nor ‘biblical’ (by which Protestants mean Luther, Calvin or some such) but political compromise (the English sovereign: ‘Believe or not; I don’t care as long as you don’t follow the Pope, deny the Real Presence and just use my Prayer Book’) so orthodox belief flew out the window in the ‘Enlightenment’ and is now on the way out even in name? Might the political correctness and do-gooderism be the old ruling class’s noblesse oblige (and trying to keep the proles good and obedient — to them) with a costume change (‘we’re not the Tories/GOP at prayer any more: see how cool we are’, a fake informality which is actually showing off claimed status and power) and slightly subtler means (than fines, jail and being hanged, drawn and quartered)?
  • Metropolitan Jonah to speak to new ACNA. He’s ex-Episcopal himself as is the OCA diocesan here (yes, in Ruthenian central).

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