Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Take, eat. Fr Stephen Freeman on the Eucharist, a blog entry for Orthodox Holy Thursday. My comment.
  • The OCA and ROCOR make peace. Makes sense now that they’re in communion. The OCA is the old Russian Metropolia in the US really from the late 1800s, mostly the descendants of Ruthenian former Greek Catholics; ROCOR WWII-refugee Russians.
  • Derek Olsen on Mass propers. One of the major emphases in the current Roman “Reform of the Reform” is the move to replace the Chant Propers into their correct place. After Vatican II, the use of the chant propers diminished and vernacular hymnody was introduced. As Thomas Day wrote, unliturgical stuff including a lot of musical and theological junk pushed out real liturgical material, the opposite of what the legitimate liturgical movement wanted. The Roman Gradual (where these propers are found) was never officially translated into vernaculars that I know of. Certainly, there has never been an authorized English translation. This was a kiss of death in the post-conciliar years. As a result, many Roman Catholics today don’t know that these exist and are the normative forms of music to be used at Mass. Hence the efforts by the Reform of the Reform.
  • Continuing the conversation at Third Mill. More. Ironically the old Central Churchmen, quintessential Anglicans, do seem the odd men out in all this and as I’ve observed the conservative Presbyterians seem to have done a better job of having a continuing church (the PCA) than the Catholic ex-Anglicans did.

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