Monday, April 27, 2009

From Ayn R Key
  • Liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism. There are several factions of each. Ironically Union Liberalism finds itself in alliance with one of the schools of conservatism, Mercantilism. Mercantile Conservatives are the leading faction, and have been since the Republicans were called Whigs, and since the Whigs were called Federalists. Welfare Liberals are very much the core of American Progressive Liberalism. While there isn’t great concern for civil liberties here, economic liberties are completely dead within this tradition. Then there are the neoconservatives. These are the worst that conservatism has to offer.
  • Liberals versus the Nolan Chart. Liberals and libertarians appear to be talking about different things when the subject of civil liberty is mentioned. The biggest area of difference is freedom of association. Both the conservative and the liberal in that example are ascribing to libertarians a sort of legal positivism, an ideology that is as far removed from libertarianism as it is possible to be. The legal positivist believes something good because the law says so. From a legal positivist point of view, the libertarian call to legalize drugs is the same as the libertine call to do drugs, and the libertarian call to end group rights is the same as the bigot’s call to discriminate against those groups. It’s a straw man.
  • Conservatives versus the Nolan Chart. Mercantilism is not capitalism, and advocates for mercantilism are not the same as advocates for the free market.
  • Two kinds of liberalism. One supports unionization in order to achieve economic fairness for workers, one supports economic fairness for workers in order to achieve unionization.

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