Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From Hilary
  • The Left is very concerned about something they like to call “social justice”, which I define as the stubborn application of unworkable solutions to imaginary problems.
  • I know people who remember. And what strikes me is that when they talk about it, it is clear they are talking about something Real, about something that concerns itself with the Real. What strikes me about Canuckistan, and about our whole Mirror Universe civilisation (in Britain, Europe, Massachusetts, Oregon, etc.) that started at the Big Bang of 1968, is that it concerns itself with nothing real. It is devoted to unreality. Its language is made up of unwords. It’s politics is about imaginary grievances, and its history is make-believe history.
  • Class warfare: The majority of “hate speech” cases are brought by highly educated, highly privileged white liberals — against less educated, working-class, blue-collar “reactionary” whites, who insist on speaking to each other about topics like immigration, using old-fashioned, politically incorrect language. I don’t like the nativism in some corners of my part of the right but true.
  • Photo: the Catholic Church: here comes everybody.

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