Friday, April 24, 2009

From Rod Dreher
  • Society without religion? Who Fr Arseny was (more).
  • Religion as self-worship. Or Andrew Sullivan tries to tell the Pope what to do as apparently the upper classes in Protestant countries have the charism of infallibility. A phenomenon not peculiar to the putative left: Hey, if George W. Bush can claim that “we don’t torture,” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and still find an audience of true believers...
  • The racism of the left, on the New Haven firefighters’ case being heard by Scotus. We justify the rhetorical contortions that excuse black people from challenging examinations. Which falls more into the spirit of black uplift that you could explain ... in less than three minutes: teaching black candidates how to show what they are made of despite obstacles, or banning a test of mental agility as inappropriate to impose on black candidates?

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