Sunday, April 19, 2009

Russian Easter
Top row: The St Anne banner and the tomb with the burial shroud. Second row: Mother Anna the resident nun reads from the Acts of the Apostles. After the midnight street procession round the block: in the foreground are the tsar’s old flag and an old Russian tricolour, again the national flag. World War II refugee Russians started the church in 1951. Third row: During the hours (offices) before Liturgy: Fr A in the altar and Fr Valery the deacon putting the thurible in motion. Fourth row: Fr A at the Great Entrance. As you can see the liturgical colour has changed. Blessing the baskets afterwards. Fifth row: Shrinking plastic wrap for eggs. Somebody gave me this one. Seems too pretty to use and has anybody else got a problem with using icons for something that will be thrown away? BTW that’s Our Lady of Kazan. Bottom: One of many ways great and small that real life is better than online: in this immigrant parish there’s no petty anti-Western rubbish as they have nothing to prove. Fr A in one of his Latin cassocks. White is traditional on a festal day in this tradition. The sanctuary aglow.

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