Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring 2009
Top: a detail from Port Richmond. Second row: weather with mood swings, from flowers to the other night. Crikey, it was cold! An ethnic Russian from Alberta made that woollen knitted jacket: it works. Thanks, Nadia. Third row: from flora to fauna. A friendly shop cat (his owner says many people take his picture) and Taz the Italian greyhound. Fourth row: sawing off and chipping tree branches yesterday morning next to Runnemede and a friendly cop near work, actually a tribute statue titled ‘Oh, It’s You — Welcome!’. Fifth row: ‘Got it? Good!’ A shop owner whose approach to customers is direct. He sells old records to collectors. ‘Let us who mystically represent the cherubim...’ Bottom row: the old cinema is long closed. The art-house next to it.

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