Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring bicycle ride: Upper Darby and Philadelphia
Top: The Tower Theatre. Second row: I don’t know if they’ve got the retro stuff for su car boss but Manny, Moe and Jack would like to help. They’re effigies of the original 1940s owners of the chain; one of them had a cigar until PCness decreed he couldn’t any more. Third row: Concrete Gothic in West Philadelphia complete with gargoyles. Fourth row: Ah, Romanesque (known in England as Norman): the bus terminal that ought to be an abbey. As far as I can tell the acoustics would be good for chant. A detail in West Philadelphia. Fifth row: Interfaith. What part of West Philadelphia used to be. At right, this piece of Moorish-detailed splendour (AFAIK a Sunni house of worship) reminds me of Brendan Ross telling me the design of the mosque is stolen from Eastern church architecture. Bottom: A bit of 1920s Georgian revival in UD: ex-St Giles Church. I think the Episcopalians left in the 1990s.

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