Monday, May 18, 2009

Anglicanism coming full circle
  • Fr Hunwicke: 1559-2009. This year represents the 450th anniversary of the saddest event in the history of England; when the Provinces of Canterbury and York were forcibly sundered from the unity of Western Christendom and from the See of Peter.
  • Reverend Ref: after a roller-coaster ride for a little over a century the Catholic movement in Episcopalianism is over. My non-clobbering Catholic observation and not his view. Intercommunion with Methodists? A sign nothing to do with sex or the sexes so of course it doesn’t grab headlines. The Catholic (not mainline nor the sectarian farrago of the Continuum) future for American Anglo-Catholics: Tridentine, Pope Benedict’s reform of the reform and Anglican Use national parishes (the English future: RC national parishes not AU), or join the Orthodox’ AWRV, doing a good job of re-creating the old American biretta belt (theologically they’re a good fit for American ACs). Ending up sub-groups of the big churches not the great dream of corporate reunion, which may have been an illusion? Not the worst thing in the world.

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