Monday, May 18, 2009

Beyond parody
This reminds me of friend Jerry Porter’s recent observation that Cracked manages to be funnier than The Onion simply by pointing out ‘News of the Weird’ true absurdities without having to make things up

Churchman: I know! Let’s show how hip we are by having our bells play a song whose message is ‘Don’t waste your time going to church’.

And the people got the message and didn’t go.

Churchman: What are we doing wrong? Let’s keep agreeing with the atheists and see if that does the trick.

As much as I like some of their stuff, always seeing mostly the charm that besotted the world at first, I agree with an old friend (who largely formed my worldview) that the Beatles were an instrument of great evil. The ’50s were better. Not perfect but better.

Lennon ‘anti-capitalistic’? That’s a laugh. (Nod to... yes, Howard Stern.) Imagine there’s no royalties. It’s easy if you try.

From the MCJ. Why Christopher goes on and on about a Protestant church he wants nothing to do with puzzles me, and he hates my politics, but he has his news-reporting niche.

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