Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catholic Europe
Dear Peace Blogger:

I never cease to be mystified by the phrase “Catholic Europe,” which appears from time to time in your blog. O course, it could be interpreted to mean “that part of Europe which is Catholic.” However, it appears many (the uninformed) take the phrase to mean that (all of) Europe is “Catholic.” Of those who have the mistaken impression that Europe IS “Catholic” it must be asked, “When was Scandinavia pushed off the continent?” As you know, in Denmark and Norway, the monarch MUST be Lutheran. More than one person has left “papal” Christianity to marry into the Danish royal family — Europe’s oldest royal house. Since 2000, Sweden has had no “state church” in the strictest sense of the term; but the royal family is still Lutheran. In Norway, 50% of the parliament must be Lutheran. And, of course, the most well known European monarchy — the British — will not allow one who gives allegiance to the pope to accede to the throne. Please don’t misunderstand me. I have great respect for Benedict. And the Lord has established and upholds the Roman Catholic Church for those billion+ Christians who have special spiritual and emotional needs. But, “Catholic Europe” indeed! I really like your blog. It’s one of the most informative!

In Xto per pedes Apostolorum,
Lutheran minister, retired
I mean ‘the part of Europe that is Catholic’ but Pastor, where did your old churches and colleges in northern Europe come from?

When were folk pushed off the continent? When they went into heresy?

Sorry but ‘special spiritual and emotional needs’ sounds a bit patronising even if you didn’t mean it that way.

Thanks for reading and for the compliments.

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