Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • Our Lady, the first disciple. Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to thy word.
  • Clerical celibacy, a perennial non-story. The recent headlines crack me up though: the story of the handsome Fr Cutie (actually it’s Spanish: Cutié). More. You get the usual Punch-and-Judy show about a matter simply of discipline/obedience/honouring a vow freely made and nothing to do with the essence of the Catholic faith: from one corner a rerun of good old all-American Protestant anti-Romanism parroted by the badly catechised (‘they oughta be able to get married’... BTW ‘religious’ in RC jargon are monks/nuns and others living in community under vows such as friars) and in the opposing corner the neocaths dissing the Christian East by saying or implying the rule is THE authentic tradition and anything else falls short. (And many people’s thought after the big underage gay sex scandal seven years ago... ‘At least he’s into women’.) Almost everybody assumes a Protestant set-up in which the ordained marry, not the Orthodox one of ordaining the married. (In other words married men can become priests but priests can’t get married.)
  • Some Nats make a play for AmChurchy types. Not good. I like Deacon Jim and understand the PNCC’s appeal for him but he knows the PNCC makes no sense to me. That said, a conservative upstate ethnic parish (where the Nats are at their best, like RCs, Greek Catholics and Orthodox), and RCs displaced by parish closings just looking for a place to go to Mass (recently the Nats have picked up some members and even started new parishes because of that), are at heart not the same as somebody looking to justify using contraception.
  • Talking to Derek about churchgoing.
  • Men don’t like sissy religion.

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