Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • The saint who wasn’t? My comment. A related issue: the Roman Rite cleaning up its Universal Kalendar by de-listing certain saints (done to free it up for new saints and more important to keep the liturgical seasons with minimal interruption) is not decanonisation. They’re not celebrated worldwide but are still in the Mass and office as a local option. (Trad crabbing: I agree that removing saints known and loved worldwide and part of the culture was stupid like most other ’60s changes. It was seen by outsiders as a retreat or surrender.)
  • ‘It’s trad, Dad?’ or whither conservative Anglicans? My comment (written after 16 and 10 hours on the job with little sleep). I retitled this Virtue Online story because after all what is an Anglican ‘traditionalist’? A Calvinist who celebrates quarterly at the north end in surplice and scarf? A Sarum revivalist? US 1928? US 1979 pre-VGR? Tridentine ACism dates back a century and a quarter at the most so that seems out of the running: in a way trad in larger Catholic terms but not in Anglican ones. From Eric Sammons’ fine blog.

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