Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fr Cutié, the Episcopalians, Telemundo and Bad Catholics
From GetReligion:
The poll shows, if I am reading the Spanish correctly, 61.78% agree with his decision.
Sorry but I’m not surprised.

If Bishop Frade and other liberalish Protestants (I’ve been told he’s a relative conservative in his church) think this sorry, squalid mess, their handling of it and this poll mean they have a beachhead in the Latin world they’re mistaken. They don’t understand Catholics including, among us, Bad Catholics.

Bad Catholics are not liberal Protestants/Modernist RCs. They don’t agree with the church, agreeing with mainstream secular culture (‘Father followed his heart, which has no rules’), but they’ll never change churches, and like the orthodox they know the church is unchangeable on these matters. They just live with it by largely or entirely opting out.

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