Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Damian Thompson
  • Pulling no punches about the Irish church abuse scandal. Which is as much to do with problems in Irish history and culture as problems with people in the church. Lest Brian M. think I’m attacking the Irish I’m not. I was tricked by The Magdalene Sisters seven years ago and then, of all people, Frederica Mathewes-Green, no friend of Western Catholicism (about which she knows little), pointed out how unfair it was (it wasn’t real history but composite characters in the course of a few years going through all the abuses at those places that really happened over a century).
  • Anti-Catholic hate mail from the gay Christian movement. One reason I respect Huw is writing like this:
    I’m terribly embarrassed to call us “oppressed” in any but the most covert ways.

    When I hear families speak of how children-unfriendly the Bay area is, or when I hear people in San Diego complain about the Mexicans who do their laundry and water their grass, when I hear San Franciscans make fun of the Chinese, the blacks and “midwestern Christians”... I realise gays are just as stuck up as any of the other bigots out there. While the “gay movement” has been largely white, middle-class, secure — and ever more so in California! — it has largely ignored the injustices that it was helping to create and engender.
    No wonder he’s dropped Episcopalianism for an independent bishop’s church; the credal heterodoxy in practice got old fast and he knew better.

    And like him I don’t necessarily connect with conservatives.

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