Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From Hilary
  • People tend to forget that the statement “There is no God” is one of religious belief that can no more be proved with the scientific method than the Act of Faith.
  • 1559’s endgame: anyone who hasn’t sworn the modern secular equivalent of the Thirty-Nine Articles can be thrown out of work. Scratch an ‘inclusive’ Protestant and you’ll see Tyburn revisited, hanging, drawing and quartering, and Americans burning down Irish immigrant churches, all for their own good, mind.
  • I’ll add a quotation from Fr Hunwicke on that year: The final breach between the English provinces and Western Catholic Europe is pinpointed by the Feast of the Nativity of S John Baptist, June 24 in 1559. On that day, it became illegal, according to statute law, for that Liturgy to be celebrated which had formed and sanctified the peoples of England since 596. From this rupture, affecting every parish church in the kingdom, flowed all the other discontinuities which have marred and corrupted our national life since that day.
  • YFhood is a European way of thinking: Rome has struck me as a place that lives with the past as an immediate and present reality. Its entire history is still here, and people don’t forget it. It may look like a silly and rather touristy gesture, but I think there is more to the fact that the Commune di Roma lays a wreath at the foot of Julius Cæsar’s statue on his birthd... (oh no wait, that’s my birthday) on March 15 every year. Europeans in general live with, if not in, the past. And the realities of the present are informed by the bloodthirsty realities of the 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century past much of which is well within living memory.
  • Abortion and the will to power and brain-exploding illogic.

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