Friday, May 29, 2009

From Joshua
  • Torture. God have mercy on us. Bill Grigg: Conservatives and others who revere the founders of our late Republic might recall that the men who won our independence and wrote the Constitution opposed a standing army, not only because it could be employed as an instrument of domestic tyranny, but also because it would offer irresistible opportunities for foreign adventurism. In this, as in so much else, the Founders’ wisdom has withstood the passage of time.
  • An Old Rightist rightly rubbishes white nationalism. I read Steve Sailer. He dares bring up the unmentionable — the possibility, based upon test results including IQ and law-school admissions, of genetic differences including intelligence, on average, among the races. Now in itself that information’s not racist (it’s what you do or not with it... genes are only a factor; determinism is wrong) but of course some following this sidle up to racism and a few fall right in (the white-power movement wanting to base policy on race not merit, and the nativist anti-immigrationism that poisons my corner of the right — unlike many in it I lean towards open borders). Justin Raimondo gives some of the reasons why that’s not the answer. The answer: set a standard regardless of race and stick to it.More.
    There is a good reason to avoid the Taylorites, and their even cruder brothers-in-spirit in the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazi netherworld, and it has to do with maintaining the intellectual and spiritual integrity of the American Right. I agree with Pat Buchanan, who, in pointing out the disparity between his own ideas and those of David Duke, averred: “We come from different traditions.” Indeed we do. Taylor’s is the legacy of Lothrop Stoddard, Madison Grant, the Count de Gobineau, and that failed portrait painter from Vienna: ours is the legacy of Christianity, which recognized the centrality of the individual soul, and rejects collectivism, including racial collectivism, as inimical to freedom, reason, and just relations among men.
    From Taki.

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