Thursday, May 28, 2009

From Mark Shea
  • The classic tendency of the Leftist Nanny Statist toward moral chaos and statist hyper-control. Chesterton understood. Mr. Bernard Shaw said that the only golden rule is that there is no golden rule. He prefers an iron rule, as in [Soviet] Russia.
  • The culture that destroyed the economy.
  • From here: the Catholic Church: here comes everybody. It did not take revelations of abusive Irish Catholics for me to see that Catholic history has a wide variety of sins and monsters to choose from. You’d have to be a complete idiot not to know about the anti-Semites, mafiosi, voodoo cultists, weird Mexican death cults, gifted torturers and murderers, corrupt clerics, and sundry other nasties.
  • If you really succeeded in destroying the last vestiges of Christianity, you would also destroy... things like the university, the parliamentary system, English and American law, most of the literature of the West, the hospital, the orphanage, and, oh, well, pretty much the entire Western achievement. It’s the radical recklessness of such folly that takes the breath away. And all while patting oneself on the back for one’s decency. Nothing provides a better cloak for pride than outraged moralism.

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