Thursday, May 14, 2009

An interesting look at limousine liberalism
The Obama thinking appears to have been:

1. Borrow against home equity and consume.
3. Get rich!

But, hey, it worked.
For the sake of his political career, Obama had to live in the city, so they spent a fortune on private schools, private tutoring, etc. In contrast, most Chicago professional couples with small children move to an upscale suburb like Wilmette. There, you have to pay a fortune in property taxes, but you get outstanding public schools and the city park system takes care of all the dance lessons and so forth for nominal sums. Wilmette offers the Welfare State for people who can’t afford the Welfare State, whereas Chicago is kind of an Ayn Rand region for upper-middle-class families where you are on your own to provide for yourselves.

From Steve Sailer.

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