Sunday, May 31, 2009

Right, wrong and clueless
Mark Shea:
The Catholic faith has always taught that sexual relations between two consenting married heterosexual adult human beings not related already by blood are not just good but, among the baptized, sacramental.

The West got rid of the Catholic faith and assumed that its moral norms would just continue by inertia. The trouble is: In this world, inertia always encounters friction.

Once you gain the cultural victory, you make sure that you consolidate the victory with the might of Caesar.
What offends me as a libertarian about mainliners like the Jake-ites is not that they want gay Protestant weddings. Go right ahead! ‘It’s a free country.’ I want to keep it that way and make it more so (decriminalise polygamy). I don’t think they do. And I don’t need to bring the church or culture wars into it. Irrelevant here. Get the state out of it and have equal rights all round.

From the more culture-warlike T1:9.

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