Sunday, May 24, 2009

Worth mentioning: the Second Council of the Abbaye
Which guest of honour Brother Stephen described as ‘the downtown rendezvous point for everyone I’m meeting from the Catholic mafia’ this past Thursday night. (Is NoLibs ‘downtown’?) Regrettably we didn’t ‘get some kind of discount for going to a place called Abbaye wearing my habit’. Anyway it was a meeting of me, him, brother libertarian anarcho-Catholic and church organist Michael Lawrence, Bishop Tim Cravens, Fr Joseph Menna and parishioner Lyngine Calizo of an independent church, Clem’s altar server and cantor extraordinaire Andrew Nardone, Clem’s parishioner Tom Gorczynski and lay theological adviser/non-libertarian political sparring partner Paul Goings and wife DaVida.

Don’t miss Brother Stephen’s Flickr photos featuring his many travels, historical Catholic photos and Pope Benedict’s revival under way at the Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank.

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