Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • In a week when you might have thought I was crowing about conversions (and I am happy about them), an intellectual Protestant’s criticism of RC conversion testimonies (parts II, III and IV). Of course I don’t agree with his conclusion, ‘even in the 1,500 years before Protestantism churchmen disagreed on essentials so might as well join/stay here’ (in that case, might as well stay home/jump off a bridge) but he makes good points. The faith is united on essentials and much else but not in lockstep; never was.
  • This came from Arturo who comments on many conversions as a higher form of whiteness. I’d say it’s another contrast of two kinds of Catholics, the first more likely to be happy with protestantised services and testifying (albeit to true doctrine) like missionary Baptists; the second natural traditionalism not going in for that... where you’ll find me and Arturo. (I have my sacramental and prayer life but rarely watch EWTN.)
  • The Dutch touch (named by Fr Hunwicke) or what made Anglo-Catholicism or at least Anglo-Papalism possible after Apostolicæ Curæ. None of the big Catholic churches, Rome, the Orthodox and other Eastern ones, recognise this claim really (all reordain ex-Anglicans) and considering the games vagantes have played with succession (groups no longer Christian — belief in the Trinity is optional/an opinion — claim it, and if a priest starts telling you about his ‘lines’, run) and that the presiding bishop of ELCA claims it I appreciate the view making orders and being in the church inseparable, or (I forget who said it) a Catholic believes his orders are valid (have grace, in Orthodoxese) because he’s in the true church; an Anglican argues for something approaching churchness because he says his orders are valid. To the Catholic churches being in communion is being a member. Of course Fr Robert Hart and company — following classic Anglicanism (that is, they’re conservative Protestants who claim orders) — believe what they do (like the old high churchmen, that their orders stand regardless of what others think).
  • We’re not in communion but heading in the same credal, Godward direction. Derek on Episcopal ‘reform of the reform’. I’ve been saying what I’ve titled this about us. He seems to agree!
  • Fr Z fisks a liberal’s (wannabe Protestant) article on the priesthood.
  • St Metrophanes. O good shepherd who didst proclaim the great mystery of the Trinity and manifest Christ’s dispensation to all, thou didst put to flight the spiritual wolves who menaced thy rational flock and didst save the lambs of Christ who cry: Glory to him who hath strengthened thee; glory to him who has exalted thee; glory to him who through thee hath strengthened the orthodox faith.
  • St Botolph.

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