Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Men and the church

Men and the church

Men like objectivity and Godwardness. The great Thomas Day has noted the same thing.

In Slav country in upstate Pennsylvania, at least historically, men and the church have come together in some places naturally with no marketing plan (which I’d bet you a case of Yuengling Black and Tans would flop):
The world of flannel hunting jackets, wedding receptions at union halls, 4th of July barbecues, and tailgate parties that represented my native Western Pennsylvania.
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Or the Sportsmen’s Club bar in the onion-domed church’s hall.
Too often the Church has portrayed Jesus as effeminate. But Jesus, who flipped over the money-changers’ tables, is the Jesus with whom men can identify. The Jesus who is portrayed solely as one who eternally “turns the other cheek” has little in common with the American male. He was a man who faced down the authorities, antagonizing them, rebuking them, and challenging them to such a degree that it resulted in his suffering perhaps the cruelest death of all: crucifixion. Ultimately, he embraced the value that men hold highest: giving one’s life for a cause. A man will sacrifice his life for his family, for his country, for his friends, and even for his religion.
A hint why the Catholic priesthood is set up as it is: real men offer sacrifice.

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