Monday, July 20, 2009

From RR
  • Government is not society.
  • The fake party of small government.
  • GOP, we owe you nothing.
  • Back to Iraq? If President Obama is serious about getting out of Iraq, and if he truly respects Iraqi sovereignty – if his ascension to the presidency is really all about changing our imperial foreign policy – then Gen. Bolger should be called on the carpet and summarily canned. It hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen, for the simple reason that Iraqi sovereignty is a myth as long as the U.S. occupation force remains. The fact that a single U.S. commander can unilaterally decide to break the SOFA and essentially tell the Iraqis to go screw themselves indicates that the American Raj is not ready to withdraw just yet. Was withdrawal from Iraq just another campaign promise, made to be broken – like Obama’s pledges on government secrecy and other civil-liberties issues? The president’s record, so far, does not bode well for an answer in the negative.
  • Measuring inequality. It’s very definitely true that income inequality has risen in recent decades: but much much harder to insist that consumption inequality has done. As an example, there are certainly differences in diet between the rich and the poor in the UK: but it’s only in the last 50 years or so that all, of whatever station in life, are financially able to eat a full and balanced diet. We no longer have the height inequality we did (reflecting again nutrition, where the rich were substantially taller than the poor), nor the health care inequality and while education is rightly a bone of contention we’ve certainly advanced from the medieval idea that only the male rich or the clergy might be literate or numerate. What makes this oversight from certain on the left so puzzling is that they are exactly the people who have been telling us for years that there is much more to life than simply grabbing for the filthy lucre.
  • End the monopoly in education.
  • Many predict US financial collapse in September.

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