Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Taki
  • Tricky Dick invented affirmative action. Far from being an alternative to racism, affirmative action institutionalises racial discrimination, a kind of divide-and-rule policy that lets federal agencies control the racial mix in the workplace. Only at the point that the forward momentum of the American economy stalled did the idea of positive discrimination come to the fore... The ideas of redistributing the rewards (and by implication, redistributing the misery) were part and parcel of a generalised sense of despair at economic progress, as exemplified in the growth of apocalyptic green screeds... The belief that resources were running out suggested that a smaller cake had to be shared out more evenly. Someone once told me that Nixon’s real reason for instituting race preferences was to piss off blue-collar workers and union types so much that they’d break away from their coalition with blacks in the Democrat Party and join the Republicans. Such plans within plans strike me as a bit too Nixonian even for Nixon. He also turned American money into something entirely imaginary, taking away all backing. The establishment conservatives aren’t conservatives.
  • Yup: from America came the charity ball, a euphemism for rich social climbers getting their names in the papers.

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