Tuesday, July 21, 2009

‘Gender’ madness
A libertarian conundrum? You have the right to live in peace without harm done to you (existing laws against murder, assault and battery, theft etc. not ‘hate crime’ laws really thoughtcrime laws) and to do whatever you want (wear certain clothes, take hormones for the rest of your life, have costly surgery) as long as you don’t harm others. A tiny percentage of people have this problem and deserve not condescension but charity in the full Christian sense. Honour your neighbour’s rights (my freedom ends where your nose begins) and live and let live. Not the same as using the state to force your neighbour to believe something he doesn’t (like, if you insist on pretending to be the other sex, demanding he believe that). Of course this case is simply denying reality (why I say sex not gender). A commenter here once wrote on a similar matter that it’s an indulgence practised by those living off the capital of ancestors with better values grounded in reality and who accomplished something (the affluence that makes such indulgence possible — a crisis for trust-fund babies). If I were a betting man I’d put down a gold sovereign that as the depression wears on, things lower on the Maslovian hierarchy will overtake this sort of thing. (When even the upper-middle-class snobs trying to force their unreality on the rest of us are looking for jobs.)

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