Saturday, July 18, 2009

LRC on Walter Cronkite
The well-meaning world-governmenters assume they or people they like would be in charge

‘The Most Trusted Man in America’? In one sense Cronkite was indeed that: he could be totally trusted by the oligarchy, did an effective job for them, and was plushly rewarded for it. But here’s what’s funny: no one under 30 watches TV anymore, and people under 50 know him as at most a name. So this media canonization has to do with the solipsism of an increasingly irrelevant industry. “And that’s the way it is.”
Well-meant, misplaced nostalgia much like the ‘Greatest Generation’ kind in general (who fought the War to Save Stalin) for people with better values and for a shared culture (such as back when there were fewer media so when most people watched the same tele). As destructive as the late ’60s were, the palæos are right that the rot set in long before.

As for peace the history speaks for itself: the left, the one-worlders, are the biggest enemies of it dating back to Woodrow Wilson pushing the US into World War I. Or ‘it’s not aggression when we do it’.

The isolationist, local-sovereignty folk are the greatest friends of peace.

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