Monday, July 27, 2009

The Paul movement is the beginning of the post-conservative era for the American right
Filter out the nativism that has beset Taki and some of my other haunts on the right and you’ll find some interesting reading
Iconic American corporations such as McDonald’s, General Motors, and Coca-Cola fund far Left groups with hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants each year.

During the Age of Reagan and conservative hegemony, the New Left decisively won the culture wars, by largely abolishing, often through state fiat, the previously existing culture.

The American Right won past electoral victories by appealing to Middle America, posing as its defenders against the left-wing radicals who spat on the society that gave them so much privilege. Beyond lip service though, the conservative movement didn’t actually do anything to conserve that society, never mind roll back the gains of the Left.

At a core level, we should ask ourselves seriously, “What is there going to be worth conserving in the America of the next generation?”

Orwell’s England is being eradicated, deliberately, consciously, and with staggering speed — even though Eton, Harrow, and the stock exchange still stand. The British upper class, which Orwell loathed for its jingoism and self-satisfied nationalism, now champions this dispossession, with the indigenous working and middle classes serving as the only resistance. Much the same is happening here: the once dominant WASP upper crust is about as likely to take back their America as are the Cherokees.
Even if they weren’t, they’re rich liberals and thus part of the problem so you don’t want them taking it back now.
The attacks on the liberty movement from the Left seem oddly divorced from reality.

A post-conservative and post-national right can maybe be a voice for a “revolution” that isn’t just rhetoric.

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