Thursday, July 09, 2009

Still more on Caritas in Veritate
George Weigel critiques:
There is also rather more in the encyclical about the redistribution of wealth than about wealth-creation — a sure sign of Justice and Peace default positions at work. And another Justice and Peace favorite — the creation of a “world political authority” to ensure integral human development — is revisited, with no more insight into how such an authority would operate than is typically found in such curial fideism about the inherent superiority of transnational governance.
And Damian Thompson has a go at the critic:
How dare he accuse Benedict XVI — a Pope who has bravely grappled with a crisis of worship neglected by his liturgically tone-deaf predecessor — of what amounts to intellectual cowardice?
Apples and giraffes. Santo subito was all that and more and I cheer his successor’s Catholic revival. That makes him no more an economist than a brain surgeon.

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