Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The utopian temptation
Sometimes literally moving away is a good idea but here’s realistic (given fallen human nature) advice
Pure political freedom doesn’t exist anywhere on the planet, there is one place where we can seek and find our personal maximum degree of freedom — in our own attitudes and actions.

If you don’t think and act like a free person, then you’ll be unfree wherever you go.

If you do think and act like a free person, you’ll always find a degree of personal empowerment even if your home is a prison cell.

Being free means not only taking responsibility for our own choices. It means taking initiative so that we have choices.

It means we figure out what we want in life, then begin actively heading in that direction.

It means when we run into an obstacle we figure a way around it or we change our course. But we don’t just shrug and wait for a bailout.
New Hampshire partisans: New Hampshire is near Boston where we can get jobs! There are too few jobs in the west!

Western partisans: Boston... is a perfect example of what we want to get away from!
Based on what little I know about Boston that objection’s true.

From LRC.

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