Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday’s 40th anniversary
Although Americans are still capable of great achievements, they no longer seem part of our birthright. How many watching as Armstrong took his famous step would have believed that, 40 years later, America would essentially be broke, deeply in debt to a country whose citizens spent 1969 adulating history’s greatest mass murderer and actively trying to destroy their country’s traditions and culture? And one of the reasons for this stunning reversal of fortune is the American cultural revolution that was raging even as the Apollo astronauts were landing on the moon.
Yes but as a palæo will tell you that Yankee idealism/American exceptionalism (Calvinism, bad to begin with, gone secular) carried in it the destruction Mr Piatak decries.

The moon landing was really an accomplishment of the other 1960s (really an extension of the 1950s), of civilised people capable of the required discipline and focus. ‘The ’60s’, which Charley has defined as ‘at university between 1968 and 1972’, didn’t accomplish much of anything.

From Taki.

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