Sunday, August 16, 2009

From Brother Stephen
  • Our Catholic faith is a sacramental faith. It is more than ethics, morals, or healthy lifestyle. It is more than human assent to these things. It is a faith of sacramental action, sacraments that convey what the signify, signify what they convey. From this.
  • What monastic life is really like. It might not be what you think. While he says it shouldn’t be spiritual knock-down fights all the time, with the commenter on Mount Athos he agrees it’s not a religious-themed vacation either.
  • One of the good kinds of modern churches. The modern road not taken. From 1950: Gothic meets art-deco meets the legitimate liturgical movement. Not a decorated barn nor ostentation nor pastiche but quality architecture fit for a Western Catholic church. As TNLM said, innovative approaches to design that nonetheless fell within the bounds of tradition, and sought to expand them in new directions rather than simply forsaking them.

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