Saturday, August 29, 2009

From T1:9
  • Transsexualism. Comment.
  • Facebook fatigue. Avoiding the temptation of narcissism or don’t bore your friends! I like it: I use it for little things that don’t fit the main messages of this blog. But sometimes it can be too much.
  • New Jersey’s RC bishops: well-meant but does the natural order of things need the state’s protection? People have the right to be wrong and what a fraction of a fraction of a per cent of the population want to do doesn’t hurt anyone. Keep the state out of it and live in peace.
  • Another story of mainline decline. It seems that the more “inclusive” it becomes, the fewer people it includes. I can think of nothing more “inclusive” than the grave; and these people have certainly achieved it. My goodness, where will they quilt when the church’s doors close? That may be the sewing circle with the world’s highest overhead costs. Not a great mystery why it didn’t turn out to be financially self-sustaining. Rather a hard sell for evangelism. What’s fascinating to me is that it’s the younger parishioners who appear to be the more doctrinally and theologically orthodox/conservative, while the ones proudly waving the “inclusiveness” flag as the ship sinks are the older ones. Much as punk rock was a reaction against the flower-child namby-pambyness of the late sixties and early seventies pop music, a rejection of the hippy ethos after the movement crumbled under its own weight, so too are those youth who actually care about God rejecting the watered-down theology that was born of the same age but has been far more pervasive.
  • ‘Salvation’s goal.’ Comment. As a theologian she’s a hell of an oceanographer.

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