Friday, August 28, 2009

From Taki
  • The politics of guilt. When I mentioned research by Thomas Sowell in the late 1970s proving that American blacks had made greater economic strides in the 1930s and 1940s than in the 1960s or 1970s, my acquaintance responded by saying that no economic gain is as important as the fact that blacks can now vote in large numbers. When I then proceeded to cite a study that suggested that women were happier in the 1950s than they seem to be now, the retort was that women in the 1950s had no right to be happy.
  • I never liked the Kennedys and never believed in Camelot, but Ted always seemed to be the worst of the bunch. But picking on Teddy for his shortcomings is like shooting fish in a barrel. More often than not conservative criticism of Kennedy was about picking an easy target and firing away in order to deflect attention from the Right’s own bizarre political fetishism. “More liberal than Ted Kennedy” became a meaningless stock talking point for Sean Hannity and friends with “more liberal” often being used as a euphemism for “opposes the needless mass murder of Arab children.”
  • The only thing I kinda liked about “Teddy” was that he made feminists and other assorted Leftists frightfully nauseated when they were obliged to praise this “Liberal Lion” as their champion, while knowing in their guts that he ultimately thought all women were disposable sex dolls. He served other useful purposes as well. After 50 years of the media depicting the Kennedy Clan as an embodiment of aristocratic virtue and charm, the vulgar and dim-witted Teddy stood as a constant reminder to many of what the Establishment really is.
  • Ever wondered what the “antiwar Left” is up to these days? Well, it looks like they’re now calling for a national draft!

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