Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy’s funeral on MSNBC
So far: everything that’s wrong with the Novus Ordo. The first half of this isn’t a Requiem (the man probably needs prayers for his soul badly now) but a Protestant memorial service canonising the deceased and trying to make the mourners feel better by flattering him. Obama is to give a ‘eulogy’. Against the rules and dead wrong. (Tribute speeches are fine but not in church.) And why is this man, an abortion ghoul, speaking in a putatively Catholic church?

Update: After the de facto canonisation sermon the petitions sound like a Democratic rally speech. Apparently Obama isn’t speaking during the service itself, getting around the rules.

At least the prayers of the offertory and consecration are just orthodox enough, mentioning in the Secreta for example that it’s offering Christ’s sacrifice for his soul.

Here we go: the eulogies after Communion. No.

Lest we forget:

Mary Jo Kopechne’s funeral.

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