Monday, August 24, 2009

That’s Protestants for you
I almost didn’t blog about this and this because of course I don’t belong to this or any other Protestant denomination, as a libertarian I believe people have the right to conduct their relationships and religions the right to govern themselves in peace, and... it’s just not news. Here’s the irony of Protestantism: Luther broke with Rome because he objected to what he claimed were innovations; he said it overstepped its bounds. In the fallible church he posited, anything goes. It claims a power to change things, to redefine and change reality itself (as understood by most religions, reason traditionally understood and the cultures of most of mankind throughout history) that the Pope has never dared to. So according to these people’s lights these moves make perfect sense. They can go live in peace. Conservatives, as you figure things out we’ll leave the light on for you.

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