Saturday, September 19, 2009

From Taki
  • Race card. Six months ago, Obama’s approval rating was 70 percent. Does Carter think that number has sunk to 50 percent because tens of millions of Americans suddenly discovered Obama was black? He’s not really black (raised by whites in places without the usual American culture about race) but point taken.
  • A tale of two conservatives. Covers a lot of ground from human biodiversity (I read Steve Sailer but of course don’t want Nazi race laws, rather one race-blind high standard for all) to the folly of egalitarianism to the neocon takeover of the GOP and the religious right being played. BTW Irving Kristol died. Believe it or not a long time ago I thought neoconservatism was worth a listen: idealistic 1950s liberals horrified by the counterculture. Why is it so wrong then? The answer of course is their Trotskyite principles were bad to begin with and remained after their ‘switch’. LRC: Whatever was good, he purged or smeared, in the cause of what he dubbed “neoconservatism”: corporatism, global war, and imperialism, with a special orientation towards Israel. He also influenced the major conservative foundations, and used their resources to great effect. As might be expected, he had a special animus for libertarianism and Ludwig von Mises, whom he denounced to me. As a warmonger and promoter of the police state, he had much blood on his hands, and wanted more.

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