Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RC Archbishop of Moscow says reunion with Orthodox could be achieved ‘within a few months’
I dare say I can speak for many people good and bad who follow this sort of thing when I say: what?
“There remains the question of papal primacy,” Archbishop Pezzi acknowledged, “and this will be a concern at the next meeting of the [Roman] Catholic-Orthodox Commission. But to me, it doesn’t seem impossible to reach an agreement.”
Explanation, Your Grace? The scope of the Pope (divinely instituted channel of the church’s infallibility or a perfectly good man-made rank, for the good order of the infallible church, of that church’s divinely instituted episcopate?) is the only real difference (a central command vs a communion held together only by a shared faith, doctrinally as tight as Rome but organisationally looser than Anglicanism) but as I say parallel paths don’t meet: I see what most of the experts see, an insurmountable difference between two Catholic churches.

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